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spn cowboys
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest
Brendon cumming just from Patrick fingering him
Pete/Patrick, home from Post #28

This week's theme: Alternate communication. Fics told through email, phone calls, letters, carrier pigeons, playing Telephone across Warped Tour, leaving Post-its everywhere, etc., pretty much anything but face-to-face conversations.

Please submit theme ideas to the post linked in the profile! Now go request and write!

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Want another one? Pete/Patrick, not-porn

The first time he notices it, it's cute--the lullaby has grown a few bees and random zzzz's fill in what little white space he has on his upper arm. It's fine-tipped sharpie, lasts for a day or two with how little he sweats, and fades rather than smears.

A week later it's a red marker, filling in Sally's dress. Two days after that, Jack Skellington grows a naughty-or-nice list (Mikey Way and Gabe have been naughty, Joe and Andy are good little boys). It's funny, and Pete spends enough time shirtless and on heavy-duty sleeping pills that the thought of someone decorating him in his sleep really isn't that bad.

He doesn't ask Patrick about it. Patrick doesn't talk about that kind of thing anyway.

"Stay Gold" gets two more letters a month into the tour, now he's staying golden instead. "Unloveable" has the first two letters covered in a huge black box. If he looks carefully, he can see where the letters were first covered by a heart, and then the heart itself covered up.

He stays away from Patrick's bus, and skips the Ambien for three nights.

It's not until Charlie tells him, too gently, that he needs to put a shirt on, that he thinks to check his back.

"Crash and burn" has words piled on top it, it now reads, "I crash into you and burn until there's nothing left of me." Pete's lips curl into a half smile; Patrick was always a shitty lyricist.

The tattoo in the center of his back has words spiraling around, too small and too awkward an angle to read all through, just random words, "hate" and "world" and "look" that jump out from the jumble of his spine.

The next off-night, he takes a taxi to a different hotel, as far from the band as he can get, and skips the Ambien to go straight for Chloral Hydrate.

After a real night's sleep, the world almost makes sense again. He calls Patrick, then can't think of a word to use, a way to say what the little scribbles make him feel. They end up making plans for 80's movie night, Patrick not seeming to notice anything wrong.

In that funny way that lack of sleep makes time telescope, one minute they're laughing at Molly Ringwald saying "Long Duck Dong," and the next, Pete's shoulders are aching from being hunched over, his stomach cramping from the need to stay tightly clenched to keep the writing surface as smooth as possible. Patrick just watches, lets Pete use himself as a canvas to write out the response to the only love letters Patrick's ever been able to send.

It's upside down, and a little smeared, but Patrick should be able to read at least some of the words, "yours" and "sorry" and "love."

Re: Want another one? Pete/Patrick, not-porn

Oh, I loved this!

Re: Want another one? Pete/Patrick, not-porn

Gah, I loveee it!


Re: Want another one? Pete/Patrick, not-porn

"Want another one?" - ALWAYS!!
Totally Amazing :D

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