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Post #204
merigibu wrote in anon_lovefest

Little Red Riding Hood (Pete/Patrick, AU)
I Used to Waste My Time Dreaming of Being Alive (Pete/Patrick)

So! I just realized I'm supposed to give you guys a theme every other week (that's what the info page says should be happening). My bad.

Well, it's my birthday exactly one week from today (bitchin', right?), so this week's theme will be "celebrations". Now have at it. =D

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Pete/Patrick, Patrick is finally legal; Pete is all over that

Party Poison/Gerard, this thing they have has lasted a year

vampire!Pete/Patrick, Patrick is finally his

Spencer/Ryan. One of their birthdays, and it's a complete disaster.

Spencer gets birthday spankings from the rest of the band.

Brendon/Patrick it's their anniversary and Brendon goes overboard;serenading him public, Patrick embarrassment/adorableness

Frank helps Gerard celebrate one year of sobriety.
The more fluffy and adorable the better. :)

i'd like to see a gabilliam based on this glee clip :)
i know christmas is ages away so it doesn't have to be set then

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