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None...again. :(

Theme this week will be "-Bandom IN SPACE! :DDD". It was in the suggestions and who doesn't like space? It's awesome.


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Pete/Patrick, Pete's an alien that crash lands in Patrick's pool

hmm, i think i might do this...

Is There Life On Mars? 1/?

All done :)

(Title stolen from David Bowie because I'm fucking perfect (and also horribly unoriginal).)

The first thing Patrick hears when he wakes up is loud bang followed by splashing sound coming from his pool.

At first he just thinks it’s Kevin being an idiot, but it’s three am and Kevin’s not that stupid. He’s also at college, which is kind of a flaw in the whole blame-everything-on-Kevin-no-matter-what-happens plan.

Patrick should really stop falling asleep with the window open.

He gets dressed, pulls the first pair of shoes he can find on and grabs the hat that’s hanging from the back of his door and puts it on.

It’s three am and a school night, so whoever the fuck decided to fuck about with his pool is fucking dead to him.

Patrick goes quietly downstairs and hits the switch to the porch light as he goes out the back door.

The first thing he says is, “What the fuck?” And then, “this is going to be a bitch to clean up.”

There’s smoke or steam or something coming from the water, and there’s this thing that Patrick is sure used to resemble something other than a huge, twisted, jagged piece of metal. There are even pieces of it scattered around the grass, each with their own small fire.

Patrick is so, so fucked. And he really needs to stop falling asleep with his windows open.

If he goes upstairs now, closes his bedroom window, puts his headphones in and crawls into bed maybe his parents won’t blame him for this mess. Hell, maybe his parents won’t even notice. It’s not like they use the pool, let alone the back yard.

Except now there’s another less huge but even more prolonged splash and some spluttering coming from the pool.

“Hey! Hey dude, a little help would be nice!” Patrick hears from the water.

Sure enough, as he gets closer, Patrick can see the shape of a person from behind the smoke.

Patrick kneels down at the edge of the pool, one hand on his knee the other gripping the side.

“Uh, hi?” he asks, hoping that this is some secondary high from whatever Joe was smoking earlier and that none of this is actually happening.

“Hey, finally,” the voice says again. “I thought you’d never come.”

And Patrick can totally see the someone much more clearly now. They have tattoos covering perfectly tan skin, a shitty haircut and a wide, bright smile.

“I’m Pete,” he says. “And if you help me out of this pool that would be fucking awesome.”

Is There Life On Mars? 2/?


“So, you’re telling me you crash landed you spaceship, into my pool, and you want me to not punch you?” Patrick asks as Pete explains what happened.

“Yeah. If you could help me get my craft out your pool, that would be even better,” Pete grins.

“You crash landed your spaceship into my pool—on a school night—and you expect me to help you as well as not punch you? This is going to be a bitch to clean up. I mean—fuck. What am I going to tell my parents?”

“Dude, it’s alright. Once we get it out the pool my craft is totally self-repairing. It’ll be good as new.”

“Yes, but my pool.”


Patrick goes and gets a piece of rope from the shed and comes back to find Pete once again emerging from the pool, smiling as always. This time he’s holding something and not trying to push his hands down Patrick’s pants.

“It’s a pully,” Pete says. “It’s automatic. We just need to attach this to your rope and then your rope to the craft, shove it in the ground and it does everything by itself; giving me all the more time to get to know your wonderful self.”

Patrick groans. Pete just grins even wider.

Re: Is There Life On Mars? 3/3


Getting the craft out of the pool is surprisingly as easy as Pete said it would be. But it doesn’t make the fact that there are pieces of metal and glass and god knows what flying about now any easier to comprehend.

Self-repairing, right.


“Hey, you never told me your name,” Pete says as he’s dragging Patrick inside his now repaired and hopefully fully functioning craft.

“It’s Patrick,” Patrick says as he looks around and shoves his hat further onto his head.

There are two bunks to each side of the narrow hallway, what looks like a small bathroom (toilet, a half-working shower and a sink) behind a sliding door fit with a frosted window, a kitchenette that looks mostly unused and a beanbag. To the front of the cabin there’s another sliding door that Pete had walked through earlier. Through the window Patrick can see lights, buttons and switches all belonging to a control board. There are compact, plastic steering wheels to each side of the board which look like they belong in a fighter jet, and even a joystick right in the middle. Through the large windscreen Patrick can see his backyard and now empty pool.

Nothing has ever looked more alien to Patrick.

“So, Patrick,” Pete says over the crackle of the much unneeded intercom. “Do you want to stay here, or come with me?”

Patrick blinks hard and swallows. He doesn’t really know what Pete means. Well, he knows what he thinks Pete means, but he’s pretty sure that it can’t be real. Any of this. It’s ridiculous.

“Who are you?” Patrick asks instead, ignoring Pete’s question for his own.

“I’m Pete. We’ve been over this.”

“Okay. What are you, then?”

“It’s… complicated,” Pete begins, obviously hoping Patrick would find that to be an acceptable answer. It’s not though, so Pete sighs and continues on.

“I’m an exile from so long ago. I thought they forgot though, because I’ve heard that happening to people before. Or you can turn up and ask for an appeal. I tried to go home, but I can’t. It doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a fuck load of nothing where it was before. I still had this wonderful ship though, and travelling always was so much more me than staying in one place for too long, anyway.”

“So, you’re an alien?” Patrick asks slowly, not really sure if he can believe what Pete’s saying.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Pete says. “Did I mention that I can travel in time?” he adds as an afterthought.

“Let me go get some clothes,” Patrick says. “If you leave without me, I’m fucking killing you.”

“We’re soul mates, Patrick. If I left without you I’d be stupid.”


Maybe, Patrick thought as he sat next to Pete in the control room, keeping his windows open at night wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

This is perfect. I love it! XD

Aw thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :D

Re: Is There Life On Mars? 3/3

This feels so Doctor Who-esque <3

Re: Is There Life On Mars? 3/3

I had the image of Pete as a Timelord in my mind when writing this, so I'm glad this feels Doctor Who-esque. :)


Party Poison/Gerard, the killjoys are really aliens

another dimension with voyeuristic intentions...

(...or the one where the killjoys are from transsexual transylvania.)
[i am so sorry. like. this is probably a mockery of all that you stand for. or maybe it isn't. if it's not, i'm glad.]

Gerard doesn't suspect that his... Party Poison is an alien until he finds the Fabulous Killjoys in the diner one afternoon all speaking in a different language, all harsh impossible sounds that aren't consonant or vowel mixed in with the familiar Zonerunner slang. He's just woken up, and he's sleepy yet, but this kind of wakes him up, sheerly out of bizarreness.

Party Poison tugs him into his lap and looks into his eyes and says, "Baby, y'know that movie that we're not sposed to watch?" Which, okay, is a broad spectrum- anything pre-bomb is outlawed. His confusion must show because then Party's elaborating. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you've seen it?" And Gerard nods, because yeah, anybody worth their rebellion has seen it, it was a cult-classic like fifty years before the pigbombs.

"Well, it was put under wraps because it's true. Most of us Zonerunners are from Transsexual."

Gerard, he's made of pretty hearty stuff, being a refugee from Bat City and running with the Fabulous Killjoys and playing backseat bingo with Party-fuckin-Poison, right, but that's just like, really fucking weird. And so Gerard kinda swoons a little bit.

Party laughs and kisses him and life goes on. They still run from Dracs and Korse, and Party still orchestrates shit to go down, and Gerard still cuts records with Dr. Death, so life goes on, up until one night when it doesn't.

Party wakes him up abruptly, shakes him awake and stuffs him into his marching band jacket and his boots, and Gerard thinks they're being ambushed until he notices the distinct lack of a flasher on the redhead's hip. Which, what the hell? Party keeps that thing on when they /fuck./

Poison shushes his questioning and they get into the Trans-Am and speed through the sweet desert night, windows down, until they're at the Fuck-You in five.

It's a /scene./

There are Killjoys everywhere, none of them armed, and Party stands up straighter when they're out of the car and Dr. Death wheels up onto the stage. He starts talking, and he's grinning like Gerard has never ever seen that man grin before, and then he's listening.

"So all you cool cats pretty much know how this goes down, but we're gonna remind you anyways..." Music starts up. "It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, and you put your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic thrusts that really drive you insane. Are you ready to do the Time Warp again?"

Party is nodding, and then he turns to tell Gerard to do the dance when they do it, all fierceness and that bright red hair. The music keeps playing, and as one, they all start to dance.

A jump to the left...

When they fall to the ground at the dance's completion, the world starts to shake.

Gerard hollers like a bat out of hell and it feels like they're caught up in a twister like in the fuckin Wizard of Oz or some shit, bodies colliding but nothing hurts, just takes his breath away. When he hits ground again, his eyes are closed.

He opens them to a world that's shiny and bright and retro like everything the Killjoys say it used to be, fucking slaughtermatic.

Poison is there, grinning, and he says, "Sweet-fucking-Transsexual," and Gerard knows he's home.

Mikey/Pete, Pete claims he's only gay from the waist up. This isn't a problem because Mikey is an alien that can change genders.

Any kind of Professional Griefers AU please!

Gabe/Pete. Gabe has a bit of a crush on Pete but Pete's always talking about girls and saying he's not into guys "like that", but Gabe is decided to get him.

Preferably no AUs, make it as realistic as you can.

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This is a long shot but does anyone wanna write me some william beckett/ andrew mcmahon? Pretty please? x

This still exists what how

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