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Post #34
spn cowboys
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest
I literally just threw my hands in the air. \o/ 202 watchers! How awesome is that? As always, you should pimp this comm out. More writers! And, of course, submit theme ideas to the suggestions post linked in the sidebar and profile. You don't want me to run out of ideas, do you?

Patrick/Pete, rape
Ray Toro/Mike Carden
Mikey/Alicia, sex pollen
Crazy Love (Pete/pregnant!Ashlee) from Post #27

This week's theme is Halloween! It's almost Halloween after all. :D Go for it!

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unresolved halloween sex, 1/2

This is what happens, Patrick knows. This is what he gets for even knowing Joe Trohman.

Joe is a fucking bastard dickface, and if he wasn't Patrick's, like only friend, he totally would never speak to him again.

Joe pushes Patrick down hard, so he's sitting on the curb, his shoeless, stocking-clad feet sitting pretty and white in the gutter. "You're getting them dirty, dude," Joe says, kneeling down and cradling Patrick's foot in his hand.

"Don't be a bitch about this," Joe says, and shoves Patrick's foot into a red pump.

"I fucking hate you so much, man. I mean, really."

"Fair and square, you pussy. You lost, Kelly Clarkson and I won. This is what you get for betting on Justin." Joe grins, slipping the other red shoe onto Patrick. "Don't worry," he says, "you look totally hot. You're a dirty, sexy nurse."

Grabbing onto Patrick's hand, Joe hoists him up, steadies him on his wobbly feet and says, "Get in there and make daddy proud."

He slaps Patrick's mini-skirted ass and says, "Play safe, baby."

"Get your fill, Trohman," Patrick says, folding his arms across his chest and glaring. "Because after I'm done with this, I'm going to gouge your eyes out with my fingers."

"Those fingers, with the pretty painted nails?" Joe says, laughing, dragging Patrick into Pete Wentz's house.


Joe doesn't really know Pete Wentz, no matter what he tells the impressionable girls at Arma shows. They've met a few times and Pete knows to call him Joetroh - but only because he thinks the name is clever (Patrick is sure it isn't). And Patrick really doesn't know Pete's roommate, Andy, except he frequents the record store Patrick works in and he knows he's a pretty amazing drummer.

They talk about drumming, sometimes. Patrick likes to think he's pretty good.

Anyway, the point is, Pete knows Joe just enough that he gets into the house without too many questions.

Andy, however, doesn't know Patrick enough to recognize him in four inch heels and a nurses outfit that shows much more thigh than a 17 year old dude should be showing. Ever.

And apparently, Patrick thinks he must have a pretty, pretty face - or at least be the type of guy who wears light make-up well - because there couldn't possibly be so many guys in one place who are gay and have a cross-dressing kink.

"I know what you're thinking, padawan," Joe says, slipping his arm around Patrick's waist. "The answer is yes. You totally look like a chick."

"I'm going to pass out," Patrick says, trying not to notice how everyone is staring at him. "Everyone else is in a costume, except you, dickhead - so."

"Stump, seriously, they're all looking to bang you. Calm down."

"Oh my God."


Joe disappears into the crowd in a puff of smoke, literally. Patrick is sure he saw Spencer Smith around, and where Spencer is Jon Walker is, and where Jon Walker is, well, there is usually weed.

And where the weed is... Patrick really doesn't have to wonder who Joe is with.

So here he finds himself, sitting alone, with his legs crossed thank you, praying that Andy Hurley's couch will just swallow him whole. Death by couch would be perfect, right now.

For sure.

But no.

Instead, suddenly, there is a big warm mess of someone pressing into his side, and a deep, raspy voice in his ear saying, "I'm pretty sure I've never met you. But here you are in my house with those legs and those feet in those pumps. What's up with that."

Patrick scoots down the couch, away from the crazy person, and says, "I'm a dude, just so you know."

"So am I," the crazy person, who is, hello, Pete Wentz, says. "We're both dudes. We already have something in common."

Pete Wentz slides his scorching hand up Patrick's thigh, fingers the hem of his skirt, and Patrick thinks maybe something was slipped into the drink he didn't have.

Because he finds himself not pushing the hand away.


Re: unresolved halloween sex, 1/2


How Patrick finds himself on his knees in Pete Wentz's filthy bathroom is... no, actually, he has no idea. All he knows is that he wants to be, very badly, exactly where he is. Pete Wentz says, looking down at Patrick's lips around his dick, "I'm Jack. From Nightmare before Christmas, you know."

Patrick hums in a conversational way, sucks down Pete's cock as far as he can.

Pete threads his fingers into Patrick's fine hair, thrusts forward a little, says, "Perfect red hair. Just like Sally."


How Patrick finds himself bent over Pete's bathroom sink, is, well, it just seems to be the next step after you've given almost a complete strange a blowjob at his Halloween party. You might as well go all the way.

Scraping his fingernails up Patrick's panty-hosed thighs, Pete says, "Fuck, you're so hot. Those heels, this little skirt pulled tight across your ass. Tell me you're going to let me fuck you."

Patrick arches, catches sight of himself in the mirror, his pink lips, flushed cheeks, the dark, smudged eyeliner. He pushes back against Pete's hips, feels his cock pressing against his ass, and says, "Yes. Oh, shit, yes, please."

He sounds desperate. It's attractive even to his own ears.

"Have you ever, before?" Pete whispers hoarsely, pushing the mini-skirt up around Patrick's hips. He slides his fingers under the elastic waistband of the stockings, and pulls them down, just enough, says, "Has anyone ever fucked you, Sally?"

"Patrick," he moans, spreading his legs as much as he can with the stockings around his thighs. "My name is Patrick."

"'Trick," Pete Wentz whispers, pushing two fingers into Patrick's mouth, then pushing the same to into him. Patrick twists, arches, bites his lips through the burning.

"So have you?" Pete says, scissoring his fingers, stretching.

"Don't worry," Patrick says, hands gripping tight at the sink. "You're not going anywhere no man has gone before."


Patrick tells himself, repeats it like a mantra as Pete Wentz pounds into him, that he must be on drugs. He tells himself he's not a slut, really, it's just.

It's probably Joe's fault, anyway. He'll figure out the specifics later.

Re: unresolved halloween sex, 1/2

Not the requester, but holy god that was hot. SCORCHING hot.

Re: unresolved halloween sex, 1/2

not the requester either, but yes. mmmn, yes yes yes!

Re: unresolved halloween sex, 1/2

*fans self*
Oh. My. Fucking. God!

*glomps* thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Re: unresolved halloween sex, 1/2

So hot omg

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