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spn cowboys
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest
Gerard/Lyn-z; girl!oral, stage costume, slight D/s
Frank/Gerard, hair pulling
One Of The Good Ways To Ruin Make-Up (girl!spencer/ryan)
Ryan/Spencer, "When Ryan wakes up, he doesn't remember the night before."
Put your heart into it (AKA hallways are always good for a blowjob) (Gerard/Lyn-z)
Brendon/Ryan, breathplay
Patrick/Joe, the first time Patrick realizes he likes guys
Handled (Brendon/Jon) from Post #40

Sorry about the late post; I was busy the entire day yesterday. This week, your fics must be holiday themed. I'm sure that prompt speaks for itself. Go for it! And happy holidays, everyone! :D

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really quick, sorry!

The box was huge, definitely bigger than any Transformer he'd ever seen. Still, he thought he better be sure.

"Can you turn into a firetruck?"

The boy-shaped robot inside frowned at him. "The closest thing I have in my phrasebook is "Can I slip into something more comfortable," is that what you mean?"

Pete sighed. He asked for Optimus Prime, and instead he got...well. The robot was short, a little round, with a generous mouth and red hair. He was cute, in a high school virgin kind of way. Luckily, that was exactly the kind of cute Pete liked best. The robot shifted in his box and bit his plush lower lip.

"Are you going to take me out?"

"Oh, shit. Yeah." Pete hesitated for a second, then reached his arm out. The robot took his hand with a surprisingly firm grip, and Pete tugged him to his feet. He stepped neatly out of the box, and went just as neatly to his knees.

"I'll service you now."

"I." Pete looked down at the soft, gorgeous mouth and big, sweet eyes and definitely got an interested twitch. "I should probably, um, send you back. I mean. I wanted Optimus Prime." The robot fucking pouted at him. Pouted with. With the big, juicy, wet lower lip. Pete felt his mouth drying out and he swallowed hard. "And I know I can't get a refund on you if you've been, uh..."

"Used?" The robot lowered it's lashes, and jesus, it was pretty.

"Yeah. That." Pete wanted to use it, really badly, and the damn thing knew it. It shifted where it knelt, looking up with big innocent eyes and a soft, pale face, and jesus if this thing wasn't built like every dirty fantasy he wasn't supposed to have (high school virgin, please and thank you) and he couldn't bring himself to indulge in in the real world (soft all over, none of the razor thin hips he sidles up to in his day job). It was like a toaster knowing when you wanted another bagel you really shouldn't have, and then making you the best smelling bagel in the world. If you could compare bagels to sex with pudgy high school aged sexbots, which Pete didn't think you could. "Transformers is a classic, you know."

The damn thing moaned. "I want your cock, god, please. Let me have it, I just want to have you in my mouth." Pete backed away and it followed him, crawling. "Let me taste you." He hit the wall and it ran it's hands up his thighs, thumbs meeting to press against his bulging fly. It made quick work of it, hands sure, but once his dick sprung free, it made a soft sound of surprise, mouth falling into a perfect little O. "It's so big. I don't know if I can."

"Don't feel obligated or anything," Pete managed to grunt somehow, but the fantasy chip must not have had very advanced programming, because the robot's show of shy nerves are gone the second he closes his mouth around Pete's cock and swallows him down. "Oh my-- Holy shit."

It was wet and sloppy in all the best ways, and it was really quick in all the embarrassing ones, but the nice thing about sexbots was they just swallow it down, suck you clean and pull off smiling. No awkward spitting, or weird faces, or snarky comments about your sexual prowess.

"You taste good," the robot said, which Pete knew was a lie. He had tasted his own come, and it was nothing to write home about. Also, robots didn't have taste buds.

"What's your name?"

The robot frowned, as though thinking. "The name I was coded with is Ricky."

Pete snorted. "Ricky? Are you gonna go babaloo at me?"

The robot frowned more. It actually looked pretty pissed off. "It's just my name, okay? You can change it if you want."

"Ricky is. It's pretty high school." The robot arched it's eyebrows at him. "Shut up, I know, whatever. You still need a good name."

The robot looked oddly touched, which wasn't an expression Pete thought most sexbots were programmed with.

"Patrick." He decided, finally. "I'm calling you Patrick."

Re: really quick, sorry!


I just love how Patrick is all like, "I'll service you now". *pets* Such a good little sexbot.


Re: really quick, sorry!

This was fucking amazing.

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