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spn cowboys
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest
Unorthodox (Brian/Joe)
Pete/Patrick, God
Lover's Lane (Pete/bb!Patrick)
wood and nails (jesse lacey/adam lazzara)
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Brendon/girl!Ryan, lapdance
The Ten Commandments of The Church of Hot Addiction
Five times Pete didn't believe in God and one time he did
Pete/Patrick, trans!fic
Like a Box of Chocolate (Frank/bb!Patrick, mpreg)
pete/patrick, dark!fic

Terribly sorry about the late post! Us mods have been very busy these days. Regular post this week!

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Patrick/Bob somnophilia 1

Some consent issues, sorry if that's not your thing. /o\


It's a well-known fact that Patrick can fall asleep anywhere and pretty much does. For some reason, the fact that he's sharing an apartment with Bob, where he has a bed that he could be sleeping in doesn't stop him from falling asleep all over the place. Bob grows accustomed to seeing Patrick passed out on the couch, or on the floor in front of the couch, or at the end of his bed, laptop still running next to him, or once, notably, on the bathroom floor. He apparently wasn't even drunk that time, so Bob has no idea what was up.

Bob gets into the habit of checking when he gets home, figuring out where Patrick fell asleep and sending him to bed. Patrick usually grumbles and goes, barely bothering to completely wake up on the way. Half-asleep Patrick is pretty funny, easy to mess with when he's running on just a few cylinders, and has the bonus of being all soft and cute and usually hatless.

So maybe Bob's developing a sort of a thing for sleepy Patrick. Who could blame him with what he has to put up with?

One day he comes home and looks everywhere for sleeping Patrick, finally getting to his bedroom. Patrick's asleep in his own bed for once, but his laptop's still resting precariously on top of him. Bob sighs and rescues it, setting it on the nightstand so Patrick won't murder it accidentally and whine for days about lost data. He gathers that this has happened to Patrick before, but somehow it hasn't led him to take better care of it.

Patrick grumbles sleepily when he takes away the computer, shifting a little in protest. He's still in his jeans, still in his shoes, Bob has no clue what is wrong with him. It would be kind of rude to leave him like that, though, right? It can hardly be comfortable. He starts with the shoes, because that's totally safe, not taking advantage at all. Patrick would probably thank him, in fact.

He undoes the laces carefully, loosening them and pulling each off, setting them aside, then carefully drawing off his socks, trying not to tickle. He hates sleeping in socks, it always makes his toes feel weird, so it would be wrong to inflict that on Patrick. Jeans... jeans are awful to sleep in. Patrick might not really mind, but surely he would be more comfortable without them, right? It wouldn't even be that weird, Bob convinces himself, because of course he'll have on boxers underneath, so he won't be really undressing Patrick.

If there's nothing wrong with what he's doing, like he's trying to convince himself, then why is he moving so sneakily, trying not to shift the bed while he's thumbing open buttons? Well, obviously, if he's doing this for Patrick's comfort and benefit, he wouldn't want to disturb his rest by waking him up. Whoever invented button-flies or told Patrick wearing them was a good idea should really be shot, Bob thinks, as he struggles with the last button. He finally gets it and moves to wiggling the jeans gently. They're not as tight as say, Pete's or Gerard's jeans, but they're hardly easy to get off, especially when he's still trying not to wake Patrick.

Re: Patrick/Bob somnophilia 1

Finally he's done, though, completed his duty as a good friend and roommate, made Patrick comfortable so he can sleep. Patrick's just lying there in the center of the bed, so open and vulnerable, shifting and making little noises in his sleep like he always does. Bob tries to convince himself that the way Patrick's thighs are spread a little, like an invitation, is just a coincidence. Patrick's asleep, he's not trying to be alluring, but fuck it's hot anyway.

Patrick's boxers are old and thin, soft; they mold themselves perfectly to Patrick's skin and it's easy to see the outline of his cock through them. He's half-hard, Bob can see it. Intellectually, he knows that it's a really common thing. Lots of guys get hard while they're asleep. It's not a reaction to Bob's touch, it's not an invitation, it's not fucking conscious. But he wants. He wants to touch, to see Patrick's hard-on and kiss him and fuck, he really needs to back off and quit perving on his sleeping friend.

Bob tears himself away somehow, backs through the doorway until he finally turns away, going to the living room and turning the TV on low to distract himself. It's already not working very well when he hears a noise from Patrick's room. He really should have shut the door; he knows how much noise Patrick makes while he's asleep sometimes. Going to check on him is just another good friend thing to do, really. If he were having a nightmare or something, Bob would want someone to wake him up right away.

Patrick's not having a nightmare. He's definitely dreaming, though, shifting slightly and visibly all the way hard now. It looks uncomfortable. It certainly never feels good to be that hard and not get off, Bob knows. If he were that hard, he'd probably thank anyone who helped him come, Bob thinks.

He's rationalizing something not the least bit rational, Bob knows, but that doesn't help him stop trying to convince himself that somehow, if he walks over there and touches Patrick, knowing he can't say no, it will still be okay. He won't be the creepiest roommate ever, or a general bad person. Patrick will probably forgive him, maybe he'll even thank him. Bob is really disturbingly good at rationalizing.

He really is the worst kind of asshole and he's taking advantage of his friend and he's definitely going to hell. Standing next to the bed makes this all the more clear. He can see Patrick's chest rise and fall with each slow sleep-breath, but his cock is straining against its confines, begging for touch.

Bob gently edges on the bed even though he can't decide if he wants Patrick to wake up or not. If he wakes up, he might say yes and then Bob will be able to touch him guilt-free. But he could also say no and then Bob won't be able to touch him anymore and probably Patrick will hate him for how creepy he's already been even if he never lays another hand on him. It's a dilemma, certainly.

He hovers over Patrick's mostly still form, not touching him yet, but that doesn't make it less wrong, he knows that.

Patrick/Bob somnophilia 3

"Patrick," he whispers, very very softly, "Patrick." He can say he tried, he tells himself, made an effort to ask for permission. Just a little louder, "Patrick."

Patrick shifts and it makes him touch where Bob's limbs are kind of caging him. That does wake him up a little. His eyes open and he looks up at Bob, far too close for anyone's comfort probably.

"...Bob?" The soft sleepy tone of voice shouldn't get Bob as hard as it does, but he's had to deal with it for weeks now and he can't help it.

Bob leans in, whispers in Patrick's ear so he doesn't disturb the lingering hush of sleep in the room, "Can I touch you please? Patrick?"

Patrick's response isn't quite words, but it sounds approving, affirmative, and that's good enough for Bob. He drags Patrick's boxers down his hips and Patrick helps, lifts a little for him to make it easier, but his eyes have already shut again.

"God, Patrick," Bob whispers, mostly to himself, then moves down to mouth at Patrick's cock. He steadies it with one hand and holds himself up with the other so he can go down on Patrick smooth and steady, licking and sucking the best ways he knows how. It seems to be working for Patrick, who's making sleepy sounds, never quite any words.

Bob's not sure if Patrick's really awake, if he was ever all the way awake, but he's thrusting up when Bob sucks him in, and that says everything Bob wants to hear. Bob can't help the way he's rubbing against the bedspread while he sucks Patrick's cock, the noises, the feeling in the air, everything about this is turning him on. He thinks if Patrick punches him in the face tomorrow, he'll still probably jerk off to the memory of this for the rest of his natural life.

Patrick's cock is thick and it fills his mouth up in the best way, not gagging him too much when he goes too far down, but rubbing against his tongue at the same time as it brushes against the roof of his mouth. Patrick doesn't get all grabby-hands like some guys, which Bob appreciates even if the reason isn't politeness, and he doesn't taste half-bad. He's probably even showered recently, which is nearly novel since most of the head Bob's ever given has been tour head. Pretty much there's nothing to distract Bob from how good this is, exactly like he hoped it would be. Nothing to stop Bob from coming like a fucking teenager after only a few minutes, thrusting against the bed, and moaning around Patrick's cock.

Somehow he manages not to bite Patrick in the process and then concentrates on sucking hard and fast, keeping a good even pace, so he can get Patrick off just a few minutes after his own orgasm. He swallows, because there's nowhere to spit and because he doesn't really mind it.

He starts to get up, to climb off Patrick, moving hesitant and slow.

"Mmph," Patrick says incoherently, hand reaching out to touch Bob, who promptly freezes.

"Kiss you in the morning," Bob manages to hear though it's half garbled by Patrick's sleepiness, "Cock breath." Bob has to laugh at that a little.

"Okay," Bob says agreeably, because he probably wouldn't want cock breath when he wasn't giving head either. He manages not to laugh that these are the kinds of things Patrick's brain worries about.

"D'you get off?"

"Yeah," Bob says awkwardly, "I... yeah, I did."

"S'cool. I woulda jerked you off though."

Bob tries not to shudder at the thought, and tries to leave again, but Patrick still stops him.

"Where're you going?" Patrick grumbles, finally half-opening his eyes to squint at Bob and tugging him down.


"What's this look like, dipshit?" He keeps tugging until Bob is nestled beside him, cuddling. Patrick's head finds its way to Bob's shoulder and he talks right against Bob's ear, speech still slurred and lazy. "Y'can suck my dick anytime you want. For the record." He's yawning through the last, already almost back to sleep, and it's nearly impossible to translate. God this kid falls asleep easy, Bob thinks, but holy shit is he ever going to use that to his advantage now.

Re: Patrick/Bob somnophilia 3

not the OP but damn this was hot *__*

Ohhhhh myyyy god. I love you. Thank you so fucking much. Shit! I have no coherent words other than sfkjasdfkweoirwjefkajndskfjn and those little heart things <3

Re: Patrick/Bob somnophilia 3

Loved it!

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