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billie joe
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest


Save me from what I want (Spencer/Ryan, non-con)
Not an Italian Leather Sofa (bb!Patrick/bb!Joe)
your smiling eyes are just a mirror for (Brendon/Ryan, roadtrip)
Biting Keeps Your Words at Bay (vampire!Brendon, girl!Ryan/Spencer)
in the easy morning (ryan/kate)
Cigarettes and Curls (Keltie/girl!Ryan, dance school AU)
Born Leader (Patrick/Pete, villian AU)
will always welcome lovers (tom conrad/joe jonas)
Shut Your Lips Boy (Jon/Spencer, drugs, non-con)
I've Got A Bad Case (Of Lovin' You) (Bob/Frank, space AU)
Playing the Part (Brendon/Ryan, pornstar AU)
my hands are red (Jon/Brendon, torture, non-con)
Tip of Your Tongue (Patrick/Pete)
in my veins (girl!ryan/girl!brendon, serial killer AU)
A Bird in the Hand (Greta/Nate, fisting)
Jackass (Mikey/Frank)
Everybody Scream, It's Almost Halloween (zombie fic)
Baby You're My Light (Pete/Patrick, mpreg)
Invader Zim AU, art
Baby, You Can Drive My Car (Jon/Ryan)
Watermelon Smiles (brendon/spencer, neck)
Not Just A River In Egypt (closet!Jon)
'til the wheels fall off (Spencer/Brendon/Patrick/Pete, AU)
You Belong To Me (Ryan/Brendon)
until all the blood falls out my knees (Spencer gen, kicking)
you've got a smile that could light up this whole town (brendon/girl!spencer, roadtrip)
Ryan/Brendon, high school AU, drug use
All You Zombies (zombie!fic, Panic GSF)
One Of Those Rowdy Boys (Mike/Kevin)
Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones (Bob/Brian)
Commit This To Memory (Dallon/Brendon/Spencer)
Me In Your Hands (girl!Brendon/girl!Ryan/girl!Spencer)
Destruction (Pete/Patrick, psych ward)
Comparable to Sunrise (Travis/Katy)
Nothing Different (Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas)
Take Some Time to Find that Inner Peace (Brendon/Spencer)
a heart once wild (now half devoured) (Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OC, non-con)
set my soul alight (Brendon/Ryan, non-con, drug use)

Please let me know if I missed any fics! This week's theme is humor.

I would just like to take this moment to address plagiarism. We've only had one possible incident, and I doubt it'll become a problem, but as you might expect, plagiarism is very much discouraged. It's not easy to know when people are plagiarizing, but if you do get caught, the fic won't be listed in the next post. If you think there are possible harsher penalties for plagiarizing, please comment with them.

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High school au

Kevin makes birdhouses for Mike in a really weird in-Kevin's-head-it-makes-perfect-sense way of showing his affection for him. Mike is confused and thinks Kevin just really likes birds.

Little Pink Houses Are For the Birds (Kevin/Mike) Part One

This birdhouse is Kevin’s finest creation. He spent weeks on it, stayed after school every day; it’s got two stories, a porch, two balconies–a big one and a little one–and a chimney, all in obsessively meticulous detail. There are designs carved on the pillars holding the bigger balcony up, and the trim around the edges took two weeks all by itself. The pink paint is maybe a bit much, but he knows Mike’s a classic rock fan, and John Mellencamp is totally classic rock, so he figures Mike will appreciate it. He’s going to find Mike at the end of the day and give it to him, since it won’t fit in his locker and as nice as it is, birdhouses are sort of annoying to haul around all day. Kevin knows this from personal experience. Mike has a car, too, so he won’t have to carry it home, which is something Kevin’s had to do before.

He makes a lot of birdhouses.

Mike’s birdhouse is special, though. Kevin’s never made a nicer one, not even for his mom. He imagines the smile Mike’s going to give him when he hands it over, and can feel the tips of his ears turn red.

Mike’s pretty sure the kid trying to give him a pink birdhouse is named Kevin. He’s also pretty sure this is the weirdest moment of his life.

“Uh, thanks,” he says, taking it and setting it down at his feet so that he can finish grabbing things his locker. The kid stands there, wide eyes and a huge grin, and Mike is really not sure what to do. He settles for thanking him again.

Kevin stands there for another minute, making Mike feel really, incredibly awkward, and then he sort of sighs and leaves.

Mike looks down at the birdhouse and wonders what the fuck he’s supposed to do with it.

Joe goes on and on about some senior in his photography class the entire ride home. He keeps asking if Kevin knows him, and Kevin might, he’s not really paying that much
attention, but he keeps saying no and wishing Joe would just shut up already. It gets worse when they pick Nick up from the middle school, because Nick hasn’t spent the last ten minutes hearing all about his awesome dude Joe’s decided is meant for him, or whatever.

“There’s no such thing as meant to be, Joe,” Kevin finally snaps, killing the engine. He slams the car door, and it makes him feel a little better, so he slams his bedroom door, too. His parents aren’t home, he’s not going to get yelled at for it.

Nick knocks on his door not even a minute later, sounding concerned as he says his name through the door.

“Come in,” he mutters to be polite, hoping he said it quietly enough that Nick doesn’t hear it and goes away. The universe is against him, though, and Nick opens the door.

“What’s up?” Nick frowns at him.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Dude, you suck at lying, don’t even try.”

“Nothing’s up,” Kevin lies again. Nick makes a face at him.

“Yesterday you spent all of dinner talking about soul mates, and now you’re biting Joe’s head off for basically the same thing. If nothing’s up, why aren’t you downstairs gushing about fate or whatever with him?”

“Fate is stupid.”

Nick sighs, makes another face at him, and sits down on his bed. “I’m not leaving until you tell me.”

Kevin scowls, glares at Nick. “You’re stupid too.”

Of course everybody needs a ride that day, so Sisky ends up on the Butcher’s lap in the back and Chiz sits behind Bill, with the birdhouse on the middle seat between them.

Mike was just going to ditch it; Bill wouldn’t let him. He wouldn’t let him just stick it in the trunk either, because it “might get ruined”.

“I live in an apartment complex,” Mike reminds him, “where the fuck is it going to go?” He thinks it’s a valid concern to have.

But it was a gift, and Bill thinks it’s sweet that some guy Mike doesn’t know made him a pink birdhouse. Then again, Bill’s dating Gabe, so his sanity is validly questionable.

According to Chiz, everybody knows that Kevin “really, really likes to make birdhouses, a lot”. It seems like a strange hobby to have, but whatever makes the kid happy.

Why he had to make Mike one, he doesn’t know.

Little Pink Houses Are For the Birds, Part Two


There’s a freezer baggy full of birdseed duct taped to his locker when Kevin gets to school on Monday. He stares at it in surprise for two full minutes before somebody jostles him, breaking him out of it. Then he takes the bag down–the tape pulls paint off, and Kevin winces, he’s going to get in trouble for that–and opens his locker. A piece of paper flutters to the floor–Kevin picks it up, curious.

The word thanks is written on it, big and messy.

Kevin grins.

“You did what?”

“I taped birdseed to his locker.” Bill gives Mike a half-shrug. “I knew you wouldn’t do anything.”

“Why should I do anything?”

“Mike,” Bill says sternly, “the boy made you that birdhouse.”

“He makes birdhouses all the time,” Mike replies slowly, because Bill’s being kind of dumb. “He likes birds, he likes making them houses. He must’ve run out of great-aunts to pawn them off on.” That’s the conclusion he’d come to, anyway.

Bill looks at him like he’s the stupid one but before he can say anything the lunch room is full of shouting and they both get distracted.

Mike’s walking to Bio when he passes Kevin. He slows down because the principal is standing next to him, gesturing at what is apparently his locker. There are huge chucks of paint missing–it’s probably, Mike realizes, Bill’s fault.

Mike frowns.

Kevin has detention until four and then he’s supposed to repaint his locker. He’s lucky the school isn’t making him provide the paint himself; the janitor still has some left over from the last graffiti incident.

He turns down the hallway and stops. Mike Carden is standing in front of his locker, paintbrush in hand.

“Um,” Kevin says, loudly enough that Mike hears him and turns to look, “what?”

“Hey kid,” Mike turns back to Kevin’s locker. Kevin walks closer.

“What are you doing?”

“Painting your locker.”

Which, okay, yeah, that’s exactly what he’s doing. But. “Why?”

Mike looks at him again, expressionless.

“Thanks for the birdseed, by the way,” Kevin smiles, then frowns. “Oh.” That’s why.

When Mike doesn’t respond, Kevin takes his backpack off and sits down next to the open paint can.

“Did you get this from the janitor’s closet?” he asks, trying again. Mike grunts.

When Mike finishes and picks the can up, Kevin stands and follows him. “Thank you so much,” he says about fifty times. Mike stops shrugging and just ignores him after the first.

“So do you need a ride home or something?” Mike finally says once the paint is put away.

Joe drove the car home, Kevin was going to walk. If Mike’s offering, though... “Uh, sure.”

Kevin gives him ridiculously good directions, which is a nice change of pace from what Mike usually deals with. Aside from that, the kid doesn’t talk much, just keeps peeking at him and smiling.

When the car pulls into Kevin’s driveway, he fumbles with his seatbelt and his bag before leaning over to press his lips to Mike’s cheek.

Mike can feel his eyes widen as Kevin stutters out a goodbye and bolts, and his mouth twitches in a near smile.


Re: Little Pink Houses Are For the Birds, Part Two

(Not the OP) Hee! This totally made me grin.


This was soooo cute and way better than I had imagined!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!

Re: OP!!!

!!! I'm glad you liked it, I wasn't so sure about it myself.

Re: Little Pink Houses Are For the Birds, Part Two

so, so adorable!

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