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Post #87
brendon spencer brick wall
immortal_lights wrote in anon_lovefest
Nothing Gold Can Stay (Jon/Spencer, post-split)
You Said It Feels Good (I Said I'd Give It A Try) (Travis/girl!Brendon)
A bright and sunshiny day (Open Happiness AU)
The Show Must Go On(Brendon/Jon, Broadway)
Symphony No. 9 in D minor. (Pete/Patrick)
TWISTED TUESDAY (Mike/Kevin bodyswap)
Man's Best Friend (Pete/pet!Patrick
Dressed To The Nines (Brendon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan)
To Comply Gravity (Bob/Ray, domestic!fic)
Before I Break Your Heart (Spencer/Brendon, coming out)
Collect the Love That I've Been Given (protective!Spencer/Brendon)
Boycott Love (Pete/slut!Patrick)
A treatise on the practical advantages of invisiblity, by Pete Wentz (Pete/Patrick)
Chasing after you (Pete/Patrick, high school AU)
ready for those flashing lights (i'ma i'ma star, i'ma i'ma star) (Ryan/Alex, murder)
when it rains... (Brendon/Spencer, unrequited)
Sometimes a sound strategy (girl!Spencer/girl!William)
Terrors of the Sea (Gerard/viking!Bob)
...And I'm Jello, Baby (Pete/Patrick)
Eleutherian (Brendon/Spencer)
The Pattern Of Your Heart (William/Sherri DuPree)
You Taste Like Glitter Mixed With Rock N Roll (Patrick, art)
Vicarious Zoo Trips (Mike/Kevin, birthday)
as long as no-one knows (then nobody can care) (Mike/Kevin)

Regular week, lovelies.

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I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas. (Mike/Kevin)

Someone puts tofurkey on Kevin’s plate.

“Thanks,” he says, and looks around for something that’s actually meat.
Mike’s saved him a seat at a table with Ryland, Suarez, Sisky and the Butcher, pulls the chair out with one hand without getting up when he gets there. Kevin scoots himself back in and looks from his cup of non-alcoholic apple cider to Mike’s beer bottle.

“I didn’t know there was seasonal ale,” he says, “that’s kind of cool.”

“It tastes like Christmas,” Ryland tells him.

Kevin kind of wants to ask what Christmas tastes like, but he knows that would just be taking the bait, and he’s trying to be better about that, so he just says “that’s cool” again. “There were green mashed potatoes up there.” He surreptitiously peeks at Mike’s plate, just to see. Mike’s mashed potatoes are normal mashed potato color, from what he can tell. There’s a lot of gravy.

“You don’t want to eat those,” is what Mike says, and Kevin nods.
“I didn’t think I did.”
Kevin was expecting Pete’s not-really-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner party to be more party and less dinner, but it’s a little like the church suppers his parents used to take him and his brothers to, except with alcohol and certain foods that are apparently drugged. The set-up is the same, though, one long table of food and several smaller ones to sit at, and the sense of community is there. Kevin thinks that’s probably why he isn’t feeling totally overwhelmed, even though he’s meeting a lot of people. There’s no way he’s going to remember everyone’s name.

Alex DeLeon used to date Demi so Kevin’s actually met him before, once, saw him earlier and recognized him. He’s introducing Kevin to the rest of his band, and Kevin’s trying hard to keep track, but he’s kind of stuck on how many of them are named Alex. It just makes things more confusing.

“Hey Jonas,” DeLeon says, “don’t you think Marshall sort of looks like Zac Efron?”

Kevin blinks.
About five minutes after meeting Brendon, he decides that the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco shouldn’t ever get within a five-mile radius of Joe.

Seriously, it’s just something that needs to never happen.

Kevin explains this to Spencer, completely earnest, and Spencer starts laughing at him right around the time he’s theorizing about a potentially sparkly explosion of the earth. Since he’s been talking to Spencer for about fifteen minutes and he’s had this expression on his face that’s really similar to one of Nick’s favorites when he’s ticked off the entire time, Kevin maybe gapes a bit.

“We should make sure they don’t meet, then,” Spencer says when he’s done laughing, and yeah, that’s what Kevin’s been telling him.
Somehow, Kevin has gotten himself talked into playing what is otherwise an all-girl game of UNO.

“All right,” Vicky-T says, all business as she starts to deal, “winner takes Kevin’s virginity.”

“What about loser?” asks Hayley without looking up from organizing her hand.

“Loser has to tell Mike.” Cassadee starts giggling; Vicky-T points a finger at her. “With that attitude, it’s going to be you.”

Cassadee stops giggling.

Kevin prays for wild cards.
“I’m, uh, supposed to tell you that Greta gets to take my virginity.”
Mike tilts his head back to look at Kevin, whose face is really, really red. It’s cute. “Too late for that,” he says, and then “hey”, he reaches, tugs on Kevin’s shirt, “c’mere.” Kevin lets himself get pulled sideways onto Mike’s lap and Mike slips an arm around him. “So which one of them talked you into playing UNO?”

“Ashlee,” says Kevin, a little guiltily, and of course it was Ashlee, Mike thinks, Ashlee is someone he already sort of knows. “I’ve never seen that game get so hardcore before.”

“They can be pretty cutthroat,” he agrees.

“They don’t actually expect me to have sex with Greta, do they? I don’t think they were being serious, but towards the end I couldn’t tell.”

“No,” Mike laughs, “you’re safe.”

“Okay,” Kevin picks Mike’s fork up and starts poking at his plate. “There’s pie.”

If they both got a piece of pie, Kevin would want his own chair when
they sat back down. “Maybe in a minute.”

Re: I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas. (Mike/Kevin) cont'd

(please ignore the earlier anon fail)
Kevin’s mostly used to Bill, and he’s getting there with Gabe. He’s never been around Bill and Gabe together without Mike there distracting him by existing before, though. It’s...well, it’s an experience, all right; Kevin is honestly a little in shock.

“I don’t think you’re ever allowed to tease me and Mike about PDA again,” he tells Bill, who doesn’t look remotely ashamed to be wrapped around Gabe the way he is.

Bill narrows his eyes at Kevin. “This is completely different, Jonas.” Gabe laughs, presses his mouth against Bill’s shoulder to muffle it.

“The kid might have a point, Bilvy.”

“I do have a point,” Kevin agrees, “because you two are kind of ridiculous.”

He hadn’t thought it was possible, but somehow Bill snuggles in closer to Gabe, who’s still laughing. His mouth is twitching like he’s trying not to smile.

“No, really,” says Kevin, grinning now, “ridiculous.”
“I like your boy, Mike,” Travis gives him a lazy thumbs up. Mike nods his head as he passes him the joint, follows his gaze over to where Kevin is talking to Patrick and Pete across the room.

“Thanks,” he grins, “me too.”



This was way more adorable than I thought possible.

Re: OP!!!!!!!!

Yay!! Thank you.

Re: I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas. (Mike/Kevin) cont'd

i think you're my new favorite person ever omg

Re: I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas. (Mike/Kevin) cont'd


I think you just made my Thanksgiving, honestly. ♥ ♥ ♥

Re: I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas. (Mike/Kevin) cont'd

aw, it's okay kevin, i'll have sex with greta for you.

:D <--- this, this is my face.

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