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Post #125
skipstoomuch wrote in anon_lovefest
Tennessee/Annie, first make-out
Heart of Stone (Brendon/Spencer)
Dartboards and Aggravation (Patrick, dartboard of Pete's face)
John Norman Sucks (Mikey/OMC, proofverse)
Third Wheel (Mikey/OMC, Gerard/Mikey, proofverse)
with the lights off it's a little less dangerous (Gerard/Mikey)
Of Men and... Hedgehogs? (Spencer, shapeshift)
strike us like matches (mikey/pete, patrick/pete, CHARACTER DEATH)
But I Only See You (Jon/Ryan)
Jon/Spencer, fight

Theme: Addiction

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Non themed prompt: I'd really like to see a Frank/Gerard/Bob scene, Frank's in need of re-affirmed boundaries, he's been pushing buttons to provoke reactions?

Themed prompt: Mikey addicted to subspace.

I hope those give you a bunny.

Addiction 1 (proofverse) Mikey/OMC

Trever is a member of Face to Face, the band they were touring with directly after Gerard sobered up.

Okay, so Mikey is a selfish bastard. At least he has the comfort of knowing he’s not the only one. He took an ethics class back at Rutgers, he knows quite well everyone is ego-centric. There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t view life and everything in it in terms of how it affects them. Mikey loves Gerard, in ways he should, and in ways he shouldn’t, and only wants the best for him. But this sobriety thing is fucking up everything. Gerard hasn’t done a scene with him in five weeks, not since a few days before he called Brian and had his meltdown. Mikey’s starting to crawl out of skin.

It’s not just him, either; Frank is picking fights. It’s a stupid move, but Mikey knows better than to try to get Frank to listen to reason. No matter who pummels Frank it won’t be the same, it won’t be right because it’s not Gerard. Still, Mikey completely understands the desperation.

Eventually he decides that Frank is right. Which might be a sign of the apocalypse, but Mikey can deal with the sun exploding or zombie hordes after he deals with this. It’s got to be better to have shitty dominance from someone than nothing from Gerard. With that thought in mind Mikey goes to food services and steals a spatula. Now he just needs someone weird enough to be willing.

He glances around at everyone sitting. It’s a small tour, there’s not many options. And then Mikey spots him. Trever Keith. It’s been just a few days and Mikey’s already heard a ton of stories. “Hey, Trever.”


“I’m Mikey from My Chem, can we talk?”

Trever pats the lawn chair beside him.

“I need a favour.”

“You often ask favours of strangers?” he asks around a mouthful of egg, then answers himself. “Whatever, it’s not like you’re asking for candy. I’m fresh out anyway. Fucking Chad took the last of my Cadburys, and I have to get that shit ordered special.”

Mikey could commiserate on the food snatching douchiness of band mates, but that’s a tangent that can last for hours, and Mikey doesn’t want to get distracted. “Would you tie me up and hit me with a spatula?”

It’s not all that strange to be asking for it so bluntly. After all Gerard does like to hear opinions on what should happen next. It’s sort of scary to ask though, there’s no safe place in this. For Trever’s part though, he only pauses in eating his scrambled egg for a second before resuming and saying ‘yes’ around a mouthful.

Addiction 2 (proofverse) Mikey/OMC

“Stop, fucking stop” Mikey’s lost, he doesn’t even know if he’s saying it or the words are just cycling in his head. He tries to squirm but gets nowhere. He’s held tight by the rope on his ankles and wrists, and all the squirming is doing is rubbing the skin raw. Which will be a reminder later, and he’ll be grateful for it, but right now his chest is flushed and stinging and god-

And that’s when Trever pauses. When it becomes clear he isn’t just teasing, or quickly stopping to get something else in a burst of creativity Mikey asks “Why did you stop?” Asking pulls him out a bit, he shouldn’t be questioning the choices a dom makes. But Trever is in no way Gerard, and he won’t know it’s not okay.

“You told me to?”

Mikey can feel himself sliding back into normal consciousness at Trever’s confusion. “No. Stop doesn’t mean stop, not really. Only stop if I say something weird. Like horseshoe.”

Fuck, he should have explained this earlier. But he just wanted it so much, and he’s out of practice with this part of it. He hasn’t had to negotiate in years, hasn’t had to give a list of limits. Shit, he didn’t really even do it before Gerard, the men he met just did what they wanted. And while they’ve had limits and interests conversations, Gerard never needed to be told anything about how it actually worked. Even when they were first doing it, he would just google and read forums rather than lose his position of authority by asking.

“Uh, okay?” Trever lets another blow rain down, but it’s futile.

“Stop. Fucking stop.” Oh right, he should listen to his own fucking rules. “Fucking horseshoe.”

Trever tosses the spatula to the ground with a slightly petulant “what?”

“I can’t do this. This isn’t working. Untie me.”

He does, and Mikey stalks off. He can’t remember the last time when he felt this frustrated. Maybe if he gets into a brawl with Frank they’ll both feel a little bit better, although if Frank’s shitty picked fights results in the same fucking Christ that was awful feeling he’s got now, he doesn’t think it’s fair to subject him to it again.

So yes, it’s selfish as all hell to want the old Gee back. But Mikey can’t help it, and he thinks that Frank will understand when they pull out cigarettes and smoke themselves into sore throats.

Re: Addiction 2 (proofverse) Mikey/OMC

man, i gobble this verse up like chocolate. love it.

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