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Post #177
skipstoomuch wrote in anon_lovefest

come on skinny love, just last the year (Sean/Tom)
Nothing is Forever (Frank/Gerard, Edward Scissorhands AU)
Gonna Teach You (How We're All Alone) (Pete/vampire!Patrick, 16 Candles AU)
He Took it Out on Me (I Took it Readily) (Frank/Party Poison)
baby, who do you wanna be? (Party Poison/Gerard, Party Poison/Gerard/Frank)
Chaser (Gerard/Party Poison)
Tell Me I'm an Angel (And I Will Die in This Place) (Gerard/Party Poison)
a pretty face, but you do so carry on (Gerard/Party Poison)
Your Body is a Wonderland (model!Gabe/photographer!Pete)
Hope in a Plastic Box (Supernatural AU, Way brothers)
Heaven Help Us (Or Not) (Supernatural AU, Way brothers)
It's Not Just a Euphemism/This Ain't A Scene (It's A Zombie Attack) (zombie AU)
Count the Hours (vampire!Pete)

Regular post!

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Ways plus One 1/3

“Are you sleeping with Pete?“ Frank asks and Gerard ducks his head and really, that is all Frank needs to know. “I can’t fucking! Does Mikey know?”

Gerard puts the pencil down and looks at him. “Of course.” He says it like it should be the most obvious thing in the world. Well, it wasn’t, it isn’t. Frank knows the Ways are different from anyone he’s ever met before, but, well, he just doesn’t get this.

“And he’s okay with it?”

“Of course,” Gerard repeats.

“So,” Frank starts and Mikey looks up from the ground he was staring at and at him. He exhales smoke and waits Frank out, because he’s Mikey. “Gerard’s sleeping with Pete and he says you know and that you don’t care, but you’re Mikey and he’s Gerard and you’re a sucker for him.”

Mikey smiles at him. “You are a sucker for him.”

“Everyone is a sucker for him,” Frank answers.

“It’s cute that you’re worried,” Mikey says, handing his smoke over.

“But I don’t need to be.”

“Yeah, you really don’t need to be. It’s fine.”

Frank nods, but he has no idea how the hell this could possibly be fine. He takes a deep drag and keeps quiet.

Frank wants to ask Pete about it, but on the other hand he really doesn’t want to know anything at all about Pete’s sex life. Nothing at all. In one corner of his head he knows he shouldn’t want to know anything about the Ways’ sex life either. They’re his friends and brothers and it really, Frank really shouldn’t even go there, but now that he thinks about it he can’t stop thinking about it, imagining it. To be honest it’s not the first time he’s imagining things about one or the other Way brother.

The weird thing is that they aren’t any more or less weird. They’re still the Ways.

“So, is this a thing for you? Or is it only Pete?” because he was thinking back and maybe, maybe they did it before, but Frank just didn’t pay any attention to it then, because he had a girlfriend and there was music and it all was still so new.

Gerard takes a sip of his coffee and cocks his head. “Does it bother you?” he asks.

Frank sits down on the floor opposite of Gerard and lights a cigarette. He isn’t sure, he thinks it doesn’t. “It’s just weird.”

Gerard nods like he gets Frank and with Gerard it’s pretty sure that he does get Frank. “It’s not only Pete.”

“So you’ve done it before?”

“Not with random hook-ups, no, but with people we both care about. Besides there was a time Mikey was out every night.”

It takes a minute for Frank’s brain to register what Gerard is saying. “So if he got serious with someone he, what? Introduced you and you approved and you had sex with that person, too?”

“Uhm, it does sound weird a bit if you put it like that, but it’s mostly about sharing everything we love with each other.”

“And everything else wasn’t enough? Music, the band, your friends?”

“I can’t explain it, Frank. It’s just what we do, is how we feel, it’s how we always were.”

“You don’t even think about changing.”

“No, why would we? It makes us happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Frank takes a last drag from his nearly burned down cigarette and throws the put into a mug nearby. He sighs.

When they break up Frank is glad they have each other. It’s not like anyone thought they would stay together forever, there aren’t many happily ever afters on tour. Gerard is working furiously on lyrics and Mikey is quieter than usual. But they deal and so does the band. Sometimes Frank catches a look from Patrick, but he doesn’t know what to tell Patrick, so he ignores it all together.

Ways plus One 2/3

The thing is that Frank just can’t ignore it after the thing with Pete. He wonders how far the whole sharing goes.
It makes Frank a bit crazy.

“Okay,” he says at breakfast. Mikey looks bleary eyed at him. His hair a mess and clutching the coffee like a lifeline. Gerard is hopefully showering Frank thinks absentmindedly.

“It’s too early for whatever it is, Frank.”

“There is never a good time for asking these questions, but it makes me crazy.”

“Oh,” Mikey says, draining his mug and pouring another. “This is about me and Gerard sharing everything.”

Frank nods. “I just, do you like,” he waves his hand.

“Have threesomes?”

“Yeah,” Frank sighs.


“Okay,” Frank says.

“You are weird out.”

“Yeah. I though, you know you sleep with person A, he sleeps with person A, but I didn’t think you were sleeping together with Person A.”

“Person A, really?” Mikey mocks gently.

“Whatever,” Frank says.

“Are you okay?”

Frank nods, but he has truly no idea.

“What if you fall for someone and Mikey doesn’t?” Frank asks out of the blue.

“That doesn’t happen.”

“Because you like the same things?”


“But you are different people and he likes stuff you don’t and you like things he doesn’t and-“

Gerard cuts him off. “We share the things we love, the people we love and if there is something loveable about a person, if Mikey thinks that person is worth it to share with me, well then it usually is.”

Frank leans his head against the back of the sofa. “So, he brought Pete and you brought him someone else.”

“It’s not like that!” Gerard sounds frustrated. He lights a cigarette and takes a deep drag. “You just don’t get it.”

“No, I really don’t,” Frank answers and keeps to himself that he really wants to.

It’s not like Frank thought the Ways were stupid or unaware or living in their own world – well, maybe the last a bit, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to have to face them over chips and horror movies.

“You’re obsessing,” Gerard states.


“About us and it makes us feel like freaks,” Gerard continues.

“And we don’t like it much, not from you. We thought, we’re friends, Frank,” Mikey cuts in.

“You’re having threesomes.”

“And you don’t?”

“I didn’t fuck a person with my brother on the other side of the bed,” Frank answers and knows as soon as he says it that it was a really fucked up thing to say. He’s just so fucking frustrated with this and has no idea how to breach the subject, because you don’t ask your band mates who are brothers you want them to share you.
Gerard bites his lip and doesn’t look up from his clenched hands. “I’m sorry, I-“

“Yeah, we get it,” Mikey say, his voice cold.

“No, I don’t think you do,” Frank answers, putting the bag of chips aside carefully so he has more time to think this whole thing through. Not that it will do him any good. “I am obsessing about you being together, sharing, sharing Pete for god’s sake and other people and how it would be to do that, how it would be to feel that, to listen to the differences in your hitched breaths, to-“

“Oh god, shut up!” Gerard says, looking at him. His lips are shiny and bitten and Frank wants to taste them, wants to compare them to Mikey’s.

“You want us,” Mikey whispers.


“No one ever wanted us,” Mikey answers.

“What?” Frank asks.

“He means that people usually want only one of us first, but no one ever wanted us together.”

“I couldn’t decide for the life of me,” Frank answers honestly.

Ways plus One 3/3

“Are there things you don’t do?” Frank asks between biting Gerard’s neck and trading kisses with Mikey.

“There are things we haven’t done,” Mikey answers and Gerard moans as Mikey’s hand slides over his stomach and curves around his hip.

“Like what?” Frank wants to know. Because haven’t done isn’t the same as not doing something.

“Shut up.”

“What now you’re being shy?” Frank answers grinning into Gerard’s skin.

“Funnily enough he isn’t much of a talker in bed,” Mikey says, kissing Gerard’s neck, just over the bite-marks Frank left there. “But he makes the most beautiful noises when someone sucks him off.”

Frank recognises a hint when it’s dancing naked in front of him. And this one is shiny and sparkling on top. “Is that so?”

“Find out for yourself,” Mikey answers, grabbing Frank by his hair and pushing him down Gerard’s torso.

This isn’t how Frank pictured this, but he isn’t going to complain. It makes sense that Mikey takes things in hands when they aren’t in public, sometimes, Frank knows that, you just need someone to take care of you.
Gerard does make the most amazing noises when he gets his dick sucked. Breathy little moans and pants, nearly words and when he’s about to come a whisper-hissed ‘Mikey’ while he buries his head into his brother’s shoulder. Gerard’s mouth leaves a wet spot on Mikey’s skin that Frank wants to taste.

Mikey’s grip on Frank’s shoulders is really freaking hard for such a thin guy as he’s fucking himself on Frank’s cock and Frank thinks it’s a bit unfair Gerard gets to lick all of Mikey’s moans out of his mouth, but it’s so fucking hot to watch that he’s not going to complain now, maybe later.

“So,” Gerard starts, takes a deep drag of his cigarette and hands it over to his brother that fucker, before he continues, “Curiosity satisfied?”

“Don’t get all defensive on my ass now, Gee. You know it wasn’t about that.”

“Not only,” Mikey states.

“I wanted into your pants since I was living with Mikey, it just didn’t seem like a good idea at the time and with you being brothers and me having a girlfriend.” He shrugs, what else is there to say anyway? “Hand over the smoke, Mikey.”

Mikey does, he looks at Frank long and hard and then nods like he made up his mind, maybe he made up their minds. Frank is sure he’ll never fully understand the Ways, but he hopes he’ll get a lot of opportunities to try from now on.

Okay, thank you thank you thank you for 1. saving me from writing this myself and 2. writing it so much better than I ever could have.

I love Mikey and Gerard's matter-of-factness (It's what we do) and Frank's obsession with them and the extremely awkward way he approaches the whole issue (smooth, Iero) and what I love most is that Frank couldn't, wouldn't choose.

Thank you so much for such a lovely story, anon. After yesterday's crappy day, it was a joy to wake up to this!

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

glad I could make your day :)
He is so awkward about it /o\, but how the hell would you do something like that smooth?
also, there is a Pete tattoo worshiping by the Ways fic in here somewhere, someone should get on on that,

"there is a Pete tattoo worshiping by the Ways fic in here somewhere, someone should get on on that"


Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Oh my goodness, thank you! This is awesome! :D

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Thank you. Glad you liked it.

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Oh, I love this! I love how ridiculously awkward Frank is, how he just can't let is go and is so obvious in his obsessing. And I love the relationship between Gerard and Mikey - it just is, this is what they do, and they're not angsting over it or anything.

And this exchange:
“You want us,” Mikey whispers.


“No one ever wanted us,” Mikey answers.

“What?” Frank asks.

“He means that people usually want only one of us first, but no one ever wanted us together.”

“I couldn’t decide for the life of me,” Frank answers honestly.

ALL THE HEARTS. <3<3<3<3

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Thank you. I love writing Ways+One fics. Glad you enjoyed it.

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

That was wonderful! I love Gerard and Mikey's calm and matter-of-fact attitude and the way it contrasts with Frank's obsessivness and how blunt and clumsy his attempts to understand are. I also loved that Frank loves them both and could never chose one over the other.

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Thank you. They are the Ways how could you not want them both?

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

Holy shit... I don't usually enjoy threesomes, but this... the wole concept of it. Gorgeous.

Thanks so much. I love to lure people to the threesome side with Ways as the bait :).

Re: Ways plus One 3/3

This was amazing, and so damn hot.

I loved reading it so much.

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