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skipstoomuch wrote in anon_lovefest

There's a Light On In Chicago (Patrick/Pete)

In honor of this being the 200th post, the theme this week will be: milestones

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Pete/Patrick, Pete is a cult leader and Patrick is an FBI mole who's become too attached (ie in love) with Pete; he's been in deep cover for two whole years when his identity come out

someone coming out to their parents (that counts as a milestone. right?)
i don't mind if it's a kid or a grown- up

would prefer cobra starship or TAI members though

Wherever We Are Now 1/3

I think college was an added milestone?
Sorry if didn't satisfy, but I wanted to make it short, sweet, and to the point, even though it got away from me there.
I just hope this makes OP happy ;_____;

“I should be getting my acceptance letter any day now.” William says with a squeeze to Gabe's hand. Their footsteps fall into rhythm as they turn the corner. “I'll be glad when all this is over.” William realizes that this is the last time they'll be doing this, ever. Hand in hand, fooling around, talking as they cut through the forest every morning to school.

“You're telling me?” he can hear the honest relief in Gabe's voice and he's glad.

“Still got your heart set for Princeton, huh?”


Gabe swings William's hand and grins hopefully. “While I'm here hoping that I can get into a local college. Not everybody's 'Ivy League' material, you know.”

William frowns, dragging his feet through the grass. “You could be. If you applied yourself.”

“You sound like every guidance counsellor I've ever been sent to.” Gabe pouts and turns his gaze on his boyfriend, and William just shrugs. “Well, they'd be lucky to have you. I mean, you're unbelievingly smart,” he stops to gently presses his lips to William's for a chaste kiss, “you're kind,” kiss, “and not to mention sexy as hell.”

“Well, it's nice to know it hasn't worn off.” William blushes as they finally reach the practice fields at the back of their school. Some kids are goofing off, kicking a ball around in the field and wave Gabe over. Gabe drops William’s hand quickly and even though he knows why, William can't stop his face from falling.

“Christ, you look like I've killed a puppy,” Gabe sighs exasperatedly and William crosses his arms across his chest. “Not at school, Bilvy, we've been through this.”

“I just though since we have literally a few days left... I just thought none of that mattered any more.”

“Yeah, a week. One more week and then we can hold hands and gross people out in public as much as you'd like.” Gabe punches William playfully in the arm. “You know, PDA and all that.”

William's eyes narrow. “Gabe. That's not the point. Do you seriously care that much about what people think of you? That's just a little juvenile, don't you think?”

Gabe's jaw locks. “Says the one who still hasn't come out to his mother. Is it because you're scared of what she'll think of you? Or what she'll think of me?”

“Gabe, that's not- that's not it.”

Gabe pulls his gym bag higher on his shoulder and starts to walk ahead of him, “Fuck it Bill. You're right. A week and none of it will matter.”

Wherever We Are Now 2/3


Tonight's probably not the best night to talk to his mother, with her charity event and all, but he figures it's now or never. If he goes off to college without having this talk he's just not going to do it at all. So as soon as he drops his keys in the dish and builds up enough courage, he bolts up the stairs.

“Mum.” William appears in his mother's bedroom doorway, knocking gently as he watches he flit around with a basket, scooping up discarded clothes from the floor.

“Oh, hi honey. I've got a lot of work to do before the event tonight, do you think you could help me?”

“Okay.” he says, picking up a crumpled silk shirt and tossing it on the bed. “Wait, no, mum, I need to talk to you.”

“I can't talk right now. Not if you want me to genuinely listen,” his mother answers, waving her hand and crossing the room in a bound. “Christine is in the kitchen, sweetie, she's free.”

“She's always free. Besides, I don't want to talk to my nanny. I'm eighteen.” William groans, avoiding a nude coloured bra, and instead snatching up a pair of dress slacks. “I need to talk to you.”

“I know, Bill, but she's the best I can do right now. Unless you can wait.”

“It's going to take all of five minutes,” William lies, or at least he hopes it is. “I promise, but it's important.”

“William.” his mother scolds. “Not now.”

“Mum, I think I'm-. Well, I know I'm gay.” He blurts. Maybe now she'll listen.

William's mother hesitates before going back to tossing more clothes into the basket. “Like I said, we pay Christine for a reason.”

“But I want to talk to you.”

“I'm busy, William.”

“Mum.” William breathes disbelievingly. “Please, listen.”

“William!” his mother stops for the first time and jerks around, her hazel eyes connecting with her sons. “I said...”

William tosses the dress onto the bed. “I heard you.” he says softly before going to his room.


Rain pours against William's windows as he shuts his computer off and sighs. It's been all he could not to just leave, and because his mother got company downstairs, added on that it's thundering is he only reason he hasn't jumped in his car and just left.

He feels like he's got no one. Not Gabe, not him mum, and they're wasting money keeping a nanny there who is only good for watching tv and eating their food all day. And even if she did listen, what did she know about his life? She's a 27 year old woman with a G.E.D and an addiction to court tv shows. The last time he's felt this alone is when his dad left.

A tap comes from outside William's balcony. Then it comes again. And again. Curious, he slowly slides from his computer desk to the door, looking out to see Gabe using his jacket to shield his face from the rain. “This isn't as romantic as I thought it would be. Zac Efron makes it look way easier.”


“Yeah, um, do you mind if I come in?”

Wherever We Are 3/3

“Fucking hell, Gabe,” William yanks him through the door, “you're so fucking stupid.”

“And wet.”

“And dripping all over my two thousand dollar carpet.” William pulls some sweatpants and a soft cotton tee from his dresser and tosses them at Gabe.

“I'm sorry.” Gabe says as William starts taking his soaked jacket off. “I'm...sorry.”

“You don't have to keep saying that.” William mutters, and Gabe turns to face him, “It's not entirely your fault, you know.”

“I know, but I feel bad. And it sucks because the guys on the team, I don't even think they would have cared if I was gay or not. I was just terrified of being judged. It's just hard being someone for so long and just like that you're someone else.”

“You're not someone else to me. You've always been Gabe. Tough, strong, give 'em hell, sweet, adorable Gabe. So, fuck what anybody else thinks.” William says as he watches Gabe peel his shirt off of his body.

“Thanks.” When Gabe's head reappears, donning a knowing smirk and William finds himself turning his eyes to the floor. “And that is why when I go to college, I'm coming out. From the start. Disappoint all the little gay boy and cute girls from the beginning.”

“That's good.” William leans up and pecks Gabe's lips. “I just wish we could go together. Keep everyone's paws off of you.”

“We could...” Gabe starts.

“But what if Princeton-.” William's stopped by a hand over his mouth.

Gabe huffs and puts a leg through the pants. “Have you ever asked yourself if you actually want to go to Princeton, or does your mother want you to go?”

William rolls his eyes. “Hell if I care what my mum thinks now.”

“Whoa. Is that rebellion I hear?” William flops onto his bed and Gabe trails, trailing slowly and climbing in between his legs. “Sexy.”

“I came out to her today.”

“What?” Gabe's forehead wrinkles in disbelief. “Wait, how'd it go?”

“It didn't. She completely ignored it.”

Gabe blinks. “Denial? Your mother? Queen of all that is perfect and straight? No way.”

“Which is why I don't want to go to Princeton any more. Why please her?”

“No, no, no. Wait, William,” Gabe tilts William's head towards him and looks into his eyes. “I wasn't telling you not to go. Princeton is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I think you should take it.”

“But, it's not what I want. What I want is to be where you are, Gabe.”

William leans in to kiss Gabe easily, his tongue tracing lightly over his lips before delving inside, flicking and curling his tongue around Gabe's. “God, I'm going to miss this.” he says as his hips snap up, seeking the release that he's craved all day.

“Okay, how about this,” Gabe suggests as William kisses a trail of wet, sloppy kisses down his jawline. “If you don't get accepted to Princeton, you come to Illinois Uni with me. If you do get accepted, we'll figure out what to do from there. Okay?”

“Mmm,'kay.” William agrees, letting his eyes slip closed. “Okay.”


Mrs. Beckett opens her son's door a bit to reveal the two sleeping boys entangled close, laying across the bed. She smiles wearily for a while and lets the door close.

They can always talk in the morning.

Re: Wherever We Are 3/3

This is adorable, just what I wanted. Thank you :) xxx

Re: Wherever We Are 3/3

You're so welcome! Glad you liked it. :3

Werewolves are immune to BLInd's medications.

This makes them a threat to society, which means they must be destroyed. All of the surviving packs flee to the Zones (that's a milestone, yes?), where they only know one thing for certain: They need to keep running.

Are you picky pairing wise?

My favorite pairing is Poison/Ghoul, but I'm honestly not very picky, especially if there's plot involved. So go with whatever pairings you like. :)

William finally decides to collar Gabe.

The Like, any pairing, senior prom and/or coming out.

This isn't relevant to the theme, sorry.

Gabe/William conversations during sex. They just can't shut up sometimes.

remember when you were a madman?

(Hey, someone prompted killjoys peterick last week, here it is:)

Soul Punk's back hits the wall and he lets out a great, heavy sigh, turning his head to look at Sandman with his good eye. Sandman is grinning, beaming, happy as a fucking clam, and Soul really can't keep up the pretense of his glare, because he remembers how it used to be, without the meds, when everything was dark and he remembers sitting in a hospital room and he remembers pre-bomb Sandman as being tired.

"Lunchbox!" Sandman crows, like it's a huge surprise to see him, even though he fucking knew that Soul Punk would be here, mostly because this is where he /lives/. Also, "My name isn't fucking Lunchbox, Sandman." He reminds him. Sometimes, he thinks that Sandman honestly believes that he changed his handle to Lunchbox, or Pattycakes, or some variation of that.

"And my name isn't /realllly/ Sandman," He purrs, leaned in and flush against Soul, and it's really fucking unfair. "Say my name, Pat," It's so low that none of the EyesAndEars would be able to pick it up, but if Soul spoke, his voice would be loud and gasping.

He pushes his hips up and Sandman's fingers tangle in his strawberry-blonde hair, and they're rocking together, and Patr- Soul Punk feels fifteen again, the desert air and the radiation like some fucking cure-all, and he gasps, and Sandman is giggling something about 'a cat got your noisebox, silly bear'. He cottoned onto the Zonerunner speak right away, making up words and phrases with glee, and finally Soul really can't take it anymore.

"Fuck, Pete!" He half-howls, and then it's over and they're pressed together and sweating, Soul's face turned and his bad-eye-side resting against the wall while the good one looks at Sandman with a look that's trying to be reproachful. And failing miserably. But it's the thought that counts.

<3 <3 <3 (prompt me moar KJ there's like no prompts like there used to be bb.)

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