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skipstoomuch wrote in anon_lovefest

Wherever We Are Now (Gabe/William)
remember when you were a madman? (Pete/Patrick, Killjoys)

This will be a regular post. Also, starting next week I will have another mod helping me out, which means hopefully the prompts will be posted each week!

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Party Poison/Gerard, stepford life

Pete/Patrick, power rangers au

Patrick/ Eric Northman True Blood au

Van days; the band travels through Louisiana and Patrick is part fairy but he doesn't know it.Sexy times ensue between Eric and Patrick

Pete/Patrick, highschool au

Patrick is a cheerleader & Pete is the mascot.

Gabe/William conversations during sex. They just can't shut up sometimes.

Brendon & Spencer. An ordinary grocery trip goes horribly wrong.

2%, non-fat, or the end of the world?

"Bren. Hey. Brendon, get up."

Spencer shook Brendon's leg roughly. The smaller man didn't even groan, he just rolled over on the sofa and let the leg that Spencer had been touching flail outward and get him right in the thigh. Spencer grumbled and grabbed Brendon from under his arms and yanked, pulling him off the couch and dropping him on the floor.

This got a response, and Brendon shot up, and comical pout on his face as he watched Spencer retreat for the kitchen.

"Dude, I was sleeping. You heard me snoring right?" Brendon said, hopping to his feet and shuffling after Spencer, who was in the kitchen, opening the fridge to display it's stupidly empty inside.

"I did," Spencer said, as he leaned on the open door, staring inside all stoney faced and unhappy-like. He had heard Brendon's snores. They were loud and obviously fake, and even if they hadn't been, Spencer would not take pity on the man who ate everything he had bought no more than just a week ago.

"Where'd all the food go?"

Spencer could've thrown something at him. He would have, too, but he hadn't the energy to get something to throw. Anyway, if he were to bother, he might as well just punch him in his stupid mouth.

"We need to go shopping. We discussed this yesterday," Spencer growled, slamming the door shut and rubbing his eyes as he walked for the door. "Put your shoes on."

He could he Brendon pouting, but following him outside nonetheless.

In the car, Brendon fiddled with the radio, and Spencer slapped at his hands. Eventually, they both gave in and the station was left on something apocalyptic discussion. Apparently today was supposed to be the long-awaited, Mayan-predicted end of times.

"Shit. The world's ending right now, Spence. We should probably go home and get all those things we never did out of the way!"

Spencer turned the radio off a little more violently than he'd meant to, causing Brendon to flinch.

"I think getting a last meal would be a fine start," Spencer drawled as he turned into the parking lot. He glanced over to Brendon rolling his eyes and smirking, and he was glad he fixed that moment. Shopping with a Brendon that wouldn't talk to him would be way worse than dealing with his bouncy self trying to discuss every item that they walked past.

Brendon was out of the car first, and already waiting on Spencer's side of the car, so to bounce alongside him. It was like having a puppy, or a child, except in the form of an attractive grown, and that was really quite troublesome.

They had almost filled the cart, with Brendon chatting up some lady and her son, who was wearing the coolest of Spiderman shoes. Brendon had wanted to let the kid know he thought so, and of course it turned into an entirely off topic discussion about... pandas, Spencer thought he heard, possibly.

Re: 2%, non-fat, or the end of the world?

Just as he tugged Brendon's sleeve, there was a loud, explosive noise and the whole ground shook, which sent the items on the shelves flying off at them. Brendon looked terrified, and Spencer felt even more terrified than that, and they both went to move out of the aisle.

Again. This time, though, the quake was much longer and much more intense. Spencer barely had time to react to the store crumbling down around them, let alone notice Brendon was no longer behind them. Next thing he knew, everything was black.

Spencer woke up, disoriented and aching everywhere - especially his head. When his vision focused, he saw the remains of the parking lot under him, the ground having lifted and broken and cars being toppled over each other. He sat up looking around for Brendon. There seemed to be clothes and people parts and he wasn't entirely sure what to do with that image. Turning and getting to his feet, he found the grocery store collapsed in on itself.

Frantic, he rushed on top of the rubble, trying to watch where he stepped, mostly to not step on a person underneath a piece of the building. He watched for skinny jeans as he pulled debris out of his path.

Eventually came across a pile of wreckage that was clearly on top of someone. He could tell because it started to move on it's own, as the person underneath began to stir. Spencer hurried over and helped, finding Brendon underneath. He let out a breath, relieved to find him alive.

Brendon had blood running down his face from a large gash on his brow. His arm was twisted in a way that made Spencer's stomach churn, and he looked absolutely pitiful. Making sure to get everything off him, Spencer sat beside him and found ways to just keep touching him.

Choking, Brendon blinked a couple of times and focused his gaze on Spencer.

"What..." he started and then trailed off, turning his head as he noticed his surroundings.

"I have no idea. How do you feel?" Spencer patted at him and examined him and couldn't think of an actual way to ask if he felt like he was internally bleeding. "Can you stand?"

"I think-" Brendon coughed, blood spattering. Spencer cringed. "I think...the Mayan's called it." He tried to laugh and Spencer couldn't even bring himself to want to smack him this time because he just sounded far too pitiful.

"Yeah," Spencer said, fighting to just watch Brendon because acknowledging the world seemed to have crumbled in some epic series of earth quakes was far to terrifying. "I guess I should've listened to you. We could've done something better for the last of the world."

Brendon smiled, and it made Spencer's chest hurt, because he looked just awful. There was a sound, loud and roaring, growing from behind him, but he was too focused on what Brendon seemed to be trying to say - on all the blood - to even notice.

"No," Brendon said, coughing again. "You-"

His sentence was cut short by the plane that fell from the sky, taking out whatever was left of that ruined little grocery store.

so, in a recent tweet, patrick referred to andy as a 'tattooed adonis'

obviously i need some Patrick/Andy in my life now -- it's such a rare pair, i'll take anything.

Pete/Patrick where its a mix of killjoy'verse and sixteen candles'verse.

A.k.a, the one with vamp!Pete out in the zones


Patrick and Travie hooking up at VH1 Unplugged. Bonus points if it's before Patrick shaved and Travie likes his scruff.

Party Poison/Gerard, lost

Jet Star/Mikey Way, water

Kobra Kid/Ray, dressed to impress

William's gotten into really good shape and Gabe? Gabe's taken notice.


I wanna spice things up... so how about some Oliver Sykes and anyone from One Direction?????
you don't have to tell me


I like it... I just might do it! ^^

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